I'm a versatile business consultant, data scientist, and software engineer. I passionate about solving problems using innovative technologies. I have experience managing diverse teams, leading complex projects, and developing useful technical products. Reach out to learn more at eric.vanular@gmail.com!

  • Proud Canadian, World Citizen
  • Strong management acumen with effective communication abilities at the executive level
  • Programming capabilities for data science, data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), & web development applications
  • Fluent in English & Français

Technical Skills

  • Languages - Python, JavaScript (ES6+), HTML5, CSS3, Bash, MATLAB, R
  • Data Science - Linear/Logistic Regression, Classification, Bayesian Statistics, Neural Networks, Probability Distributions, Split Testing, Dimensionality Reduction, Error Metrics, Feature Engineering, Regularization, Normalization, NLP, Reinforcement Learning
  • Frameworks/Libraries/Environments - Pandas, Numpy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Jupyter, Flask, Express, React, Redux, Node.js, Socket.io, Bootstrap, Flexbox
  • Data Technologies - SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB), GraphQL, JSON, CSV, Tableau, PowerBI, D3.js, and many more
  • Machine Learning Software - scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, fast.ai, OpenAI Gym
  • DevOps - Unix, Git, Docker, AWS, Azure, GCP


Data Practice Lead

CoreLogic (Intersect) - 2018 to Present

  • Leading strategic projects using data science/engineering to increase business revenues & decrease costs
  • Managing a team of data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts to help clients achieve their goals
  • Built predictive modeling software toolset for the Government of Ontario to help them forecast operational sales volumes (> 300% improvement)


EV Professional Services - 2017 to Present

  • Delivering consulting services focused on data solutions to real business problems - including data engineering, software development, data science / analytics, and project / product management
  • Built out an image classification computer vision system incorporating a convolutional neural network (CNN) for a creative design agency – delivered project under budget and weeks ahead of schedule
  • Structured and analyzed mobile app data from a startup with 15000 monthly active users to predict customer purchasing likelihood – helped guide marketing/product strategies and reduce churn by ~10%

Management Consultant

KPMG LLP - 2015 to 2017

  • Responsible for leading strategy and operations transformation projects for Global 1000 organizations
  • Experienced in developing complex data-driven quantitative, strategic, and financial analyses and models resulting in better business decisions, sustainability, and direct improvements on the bottom line


Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering (B.A.Sc.)

Queen’s University - 2011 to 2015

  • Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Awarded the Principal’s Scholarship (95%+ Average)
  • Dean’s Scholar
  • Graduated with First Class Honours